Linda, CA Since 1948  

Mission Statement

To provide the highest level of service to the residents and visitors of the District in the delivery of emergency and prevention services, thereby reducing the loss of life and property damage due to fire, medical and other emergencies.


  • To provide that all members of the Linda Fire Protection District operate with a common set of values which we express in the highest quality of work.
  • To understand that the Linda Fire Protection District exists to serve the needs of the public.
  • To fulfill our individual responsibilities with integrity.
  • To recognize that we, the members of the District, are our most valuable asset and to treat each other with dignity and respect.
  • To participate in training and career development opportunities to enable every member to become an excellent performer.
  • To prepare for and plan for change.

We will actively strive for:

  • Open and frank communications.
  • The removal of obstacles to accomplishing quality work.
  • Maximization of productivity.
  • Stimulation of initiative.
  • Fostering of creativity.
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